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Welcome to the was AGENCY Digital Playground…

The agency was formed when I departed IBM after 10yrs of UX, PM, IA, Tech Lead, and other various fun escapades at “Big Blue”. I had intended to begin a semi-second carrier as a UX Strategist & “Change Agent” (a title that seems rather over used these days) for companies revising their digital & design footprint in a meaningful way. After just a few months out of IBM I took on a 1yr stint with a local digital marketing agency as “Associate Director of Experience Planning”, during that detour is when I realized how important working in the BIG technology arena (globally) was for me, and that simple Brand Marketing Sites was “not my bag” as they say. My strengths shine brightest when I can work on the bleeding edge and outside the box, on big picture, strategic items, dot connecting and designing the best user experiences. At the end of the day having my contributions truly impact the greater good is what I find rewarding… So, I chose to return to my IBM family.

Being an avid photographer throughout my life, I’ve been slowly directing my focus more and more on developing my photography skills and portfolio, hoping one day I can make a transition from UX, Business Process and Technology Geek, to Photographer and Technology Geek. I’m always looking to network with others who share in photo and Mac geekdom, so if you would like to connect please feel free to check out my full professional bio on LinkedIn and connect with me.

That brings us to the evolution of this, my company site and its evolution into more of a playground of sorts. You will see some of my more professional side here, my dabbling in hobby farming, but also a lot of experimentation, with photography, technology, and links to my many other sorted affairs in the digital world.


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